About Us

Hello, my name is Tonia. I wanted to find products that would WORK and NOURISH skin and hair. This urge encouraged me to make my own cosmetics ten years ago, first for myself and my family. Now I’m finally able to reach out to more people with my small online store.

I mainly focus in functional ingredients like vitamins and anti-oxidants which have CLINICALLY proven their effectiveness on keeping the skin youthful and in the best possible condition at ANY AGE. 

I do not like ‘hiding’ my skin problems with make up. I prefer to embrace the ‘problem’ , to heal it, to nourish it from the root. If you see my photos you can easily tell that I never wear make up; just my creams and sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun the whole all season. I want to feel comfortable with my skin and take care of it as much as possible and not hide it. 

In the ‘face’ section of my online store you will find facial creams which are enriched with actives like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, co-enzyme Q10 and many more. Ingredients that it’s scientifically proven that they are very effective in making our skin more evenly textured and evenly toned. Guess what… you will no longer need to cover your face with tons of make up! 

That's what I do with my hair too. I focus in making it healthier and not to cover it with tons of silicones and mineral oil pretending that it's healthy. I prefer to see my hair in it's natural state which is curly and feed it with hair masks packed with useful ingredients like oils, butters and emollients that deeply penetrate in the hair shaft and not just sit on top of it. 

In the ‘hair’ section of my online store you will find products that are Curly Girl Method approved meaning that are silicone, sulfate and mineral oil free. Of course they work great on other types of hair as well.